terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2008

Sderot- Israel

Indicaram-me este site que entrevista pessoas de Gaza e Sderot, que é a cidade bombardeada por kassams, e que eu visitei o ano passado. Aqui ficam algumas ilustrações que lá fiz, um abrigo por dentro, um abrigo por fora ( a menina andou à minha volta o tempo todo e eu tive que a desenhar...três vezes) e o Rei do Falafel... de Sderot, claro.

The link obove is from this site that shows people from Gaza and Sderot, wich is the city usually bombarded with kassams, and wich I visited last year. I did some drawings while I was there, wich are below; a shelter from within, a shelter from outside ( the girl played arround me all the time, so I had to draw her...three times) and the King of Falafel... of Sderot, of course.

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Nimur disse...

Very beautiful, all three images. I'm really looking forward to see how it will all look compiled together, forming some kind of story and take us even deeper into the wonderful sense of place and mood that you so easily seem to be able to convey.
I know you've really been working hard on this but it's REALLY showing!!